Advanced galileo navigation System for asPHALt fleeT machines

Advanced galileo navigation System for asPHALt fleeT machines

Today's asphalt road construction relies to a great extend on the experience of the construction worker, to optimally manage truck fleets, to operate the paver, and to steer the compactor. Any sub-optimal operation within this chain may lead to a reduction in road quality, what results in reconstruction or decreased life time both cost-intensive. Constant monitoring and control of parameters is significant for the quality and durability of the road.

The decisive factor is to explore the process chain and with the intensive use of positioning data, evaluate the possibilities of improving each sub-process responsible for the road quality. By the removal or reduction of these quality influencing issues the lifespan of the road buildings will be significantly increased. Considering that over 90% of the total road network has an asphalt surface, which must be regularly repaired or rebuild, an increasing lifespan will result in a reduction of cost of road maintenance.

The Advanced galileo navigation System for asPHALt fleeT machines (ASPHALT) project offers high positioning precision applications in road construction and fleet management and logistics in the construction just-in-time process chain. Thus, the ASPHALT applications are considered of strategic importance and are expected to be early adopters of both EGNOS and Galileo in an important professional high value market where European Union and Member States are spending billions of Euros every year.  
The ASPHALT project is coordinated by MOBA Mobile Automation AG.
EC   FP7   GSA
The research leading to the results of the ASPHALT project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7-GALILEO-2008-GSA-1; under grant agreement of the European GNSS Agency (  

Project News:

Practical Demonstration of ASPHALT project and Final Review Meeting at Stöffelpark
March 2012
ASPHALT project was headline on the cover of the GIM international
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ASPHALT tests at jobsite on A111 near Berlin, November 2011
Impressions of the ASPHALT tests
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Members of the European Union have been introduced to the Fraunhofer-IIS Galileo laboratory and in particular also to the ASPHALT project.
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Impressions of the Galileo Application Days
Project kick-off meeting successfully completed.
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